Family Law book with legal gavel

Family Law Attorney

Texas is what is known as a “no fault” state. One spouse does not have to be at fault in order for a divorce to be granted.

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Probate/Decedent’s Estates

Probate is essentially the legal process that occurs after a person dies that wraps up their legal affairs with respect to the disposition of their property and payment of their debts.

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Debtor/Creditor/Collections Law

Most people owe some type of debt that typically includes car loans, home mortgages, credit cards, or civil judgments.

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Consumer Bankruptcy Law

Most people want to pay their bills on time. However, they sometimes experience financial problems due to events such as loss of a job or medical expenses.

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Texas Public School Law Firm

The operation of public schools in Texas is a fairly specialized area that covers a number of different areas.

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Real Estate Law Attorney

In Texas, there are many statutes that pertain to real estate or real property as it is commonly known, and many are found in the Texas Property Code.

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